Prufrock Playlist


A little playlist to get you in a Prufrock state of mind (that should perhaps come with a warning?). It’s chock-full of procrastinators, self-sabotagers, oddballs and would-be romantics. We actually heard from Mr. J. Alfred Prufrock (Al to his friends), and he was seriously considering making a mix himself, but then thought better of it. He tells us that our mix is a little on the upbeat side for his taste, but he does appreciate the effort.

Have a great suggestion? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to to the playlist! We’d love for this to be a collaboration.


About the author

Evan Robertson


  • Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit.

    “But my dreams they aren’t as empty,
    As my conscience seems to be,
    I have hours, only lonely,
    My Love is vengeance,
    That’s never free.”

    These lines I think reflect Prufrock’s dichotomy of character and his love that he is afraid to speak of. It shows, as stated in the episode, the profundity of Prufrock’s genius which he does not manifest and how he consciously and deeply wishes for things to happen when nothing is actually happening.

By Evan Robertson