Episode 1: Welcome to Literary Happy Hour


In the first episode of our podcast, we discuss what we plan to do, how we’d like to do it, and how you can participate. We’re at the beginning of a big journey, so let us know what you think!

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  • As an English major in college and a former high school teacher, I find this podcast outstanding in every respect. Even as a freelance writer now, I feel readers, and writers to some extent, lack an understanding of great lit. The classics, and especially poetry, are falling by the wayside for a myriad of reasons, too many to mention here! Thank you so much for putting something of substance out there for everyone to participate in, especially somebody like T.S. Eliot. He is often overlooked because teachers and students find him a daunting task. Obviously, he does not have to be, as shown nicely here in the podcast.

    Thank you for the devotion to the literary beauty around us. I hang many Obvious State purchases in my home office. I love them

By Nichole